Discover your best home workout, with the official ForeverFit Home Workout eBook.

Made for those of all fitness levels, and requiring only basic equipment, these workouts are perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit from the comfort of their own home.

This eBook includes a 7 day workout program, warm-ups and advice regarding what equipment you will need.


For me, health and fitness is an essential ingredient to personal happiness. I wanted to create a space within the fitness industry where women felt connected to a community, as well as their own bodies and wellbeing.

With this dream in mind I created the ForeverFit Lifestyle.

Since 2009 I have helped transform the lives of hundreds of women, giving them the tools and confidence to feel truly empowered. This empowerment is not just in the gym, but in their everyday lives as well.

ForeverFit has become more than just a fitness community - today it's a space where
women come together to connect & create harmony, with both their mind and

Lucinda Keily, ForeverFit Founder


Get started on your transformation journey today and join the ForeverFit community! You will unlock:

• Weekly one-on-one video consultations with Lucinda Keily
• Fitness solutions designed by women, for women
• Comprehensive diets and supplementation programs tailored to you
• Support forum and group chats
• Loyalty discounts at associated speciality stores


Let's encourage each other to live our best lives - the ForeverFit life!

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